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Quito , located on the Equator but at 2800 meters ( 9,200 ft ) in elevation, is blessed with a spring-like climate most of the year. December and January are usually sunny months, but afternoon thunderstorms can happen. Temperatures of 20-25 o C (68-75 o F) are typical January daytime temperatures. Travelers to the Amazon basin or the Pacific coastal area will be surprised by the warm, but not hot daytime temperatures (25-35 o C), thanks to the frequent cloud cover. It is recommended that everyone bring a rain/wind breaker for daily use and also for the intra-meeting field trip which will take us up to 4000 meters ( 13,100 ft ).


The local currency in Ecuador is the US dollar, which is convenient for incoming US and other participants. Many exchange houses exist in Quito and along Avenida Amazonas, which can readily change the Euro and most well-known currencies into US dollars.


Upon entry to Ecuador at the airport visitors from the following countries will be given a 30 day tourist visa at no expense. These countries include the European Union, USA , Canada , Australia , New Zealand , and Japan . Visitors from Mexico and other Latin American countries should consult the Ecuadorian Consulate in their country for the latest requirements.


All medical attention in Ecuador is on a cash basis. You are encouraged to come to Ecuador with adequate insurance coverage. Participants who will be attending certain field trips should be aware of the high elevations that might be reached, and should take the necessary precautions.


Quito 's international airport is served by a great number of international airlines, such as American, KLM , IBERIA , Air Madrid , Air Europe, LanChile, Continental, TACA, Air France , Avianca, Lacsa, Copa, Mexicana, among others. You are advised to consult your local travel agency for better fares and reservations, as purchases of airline tickets in Quito tend to be higher in price.


An airport departure tax of $25 USD per person must be paid at the airport upon departure from Ecuador .


COV4 participants with reservations at the Hotel Quito can expect free bus transportation to the hotel. In addition, there are numerous, inexpensive taxis available at the airport. The Hotel Quito area is only a 15-20 min drive from the airport, which generally entails a cost of about $5. If you don't speak Spanish, we suggest that you write your hotel's name and address on a slip of paper to give to the driver.


There is no official program for accompanying guests, however there will be a tourism desk ( www.ecuadorianjourneys.com ) set up in the Hotel Quito with options to visit the many nearby attractions.



The Organizing Committee invites companies to present commercial exhibits of services and goods relevant to the aims and activities of the Cities on Volcanoes 4 Conference as well as organizations who wish to have a display. Commercial exhibit space will be located adjacent to the main conference rooms and poster area. More information on exhibit opportunities, including details of pricing and availability, can be obtained from the Organizing Committee. ( citiesonvolcanoes4@igepn.edu.ec )




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