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Tourism Opportunities In Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the best-kept tourist secrets in South America, offering its visitors unforgettable and dramatic landscapes, peaceful Pacific beaches, cloud forest jungles, white water rafting, spectacular snow-capped 6000 meter-high volcanoes, abundant waterfalls, and the great Amazon rainforest, not to mention the magical Galápagos Islands.

Here are a few especially recommended excursions to experience while in Ecuador . We invite you to contact our Conference agency for special prices and reservations.

Thanks to its unique geographical, climatic, and botanical diversity, Ecuador is considered one of the top birding areas of the world. More than 1600 registered species of birds are catalogued, with new species still being discovered. Experienced guides have developed excellent tours to allow you to see and hear this avian diversity, many camps being only 1-2 hour drive from Quito.
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Ecuador 's Amazonian Basin offers a truly exciting and memorable experience. Although Ecuador 's parcel of Amazonia is small, it nevertheless enjoys one third of its total biodiversity, including a wide variety of birds, butterflies and moths, monkeys and marmosets, large rodents, sloths, bats, piranhas, even pink river dolphins. In addition, the area abounds with a rich cultural heritage of native tribes who maintain their native traditions, dress, and language. Travel is generally by dugout canoe to rustic, but well-kept hotels located upon quiet tributaries of the main rivers.
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Galapagos Islands

A small boat cruise through the Galapagos Islands is an unique trip backward in time. These islands, of volcanic origin, remain with a pristine, almost lunar landscape of innumerable lava flows and craters. Upon this setting, marine and terrestrial iguanas, giant tortoises, lizards, and Darwin 's finches make their home. Sea birds, such as boobies, frigates, flightless cormorants, and the only equatorial penguin are readily observed. The fauna's curious and fearless nature allows one to approach closely, permitting many photo opportunities. Five to seven day cruises are generally arranged in 8-16 person boats that visit 5-8 different islands.
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The Otavalo Indians, well-known for their weavings, sweaters, and tapestries, travel the world in their colorful native dress, selling their weavings and singing Andean folk music. Now you will have the opportunity to see their village and how they make their tapestries. Otavalo is one of the most important indigenous markets in South America . On this one day trip you will enjoy picturesque volcanic landscapes, perfect your bartering and language skills, and enjoy the friendly smiles of the colorful Indians. Saturday is the perfect day to visit the market in Otavalo when all the wares are displayed.
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