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The conference will be held in Quito 's historic center, which is internationally acclaimed for its Spanish colonial architecture, its majestic cathedrals, its picturesque plazas, and stone-paved streets. The flanks of Pichincha Volcano rise sharply from the old town center, providing a dramatic contrast in landscapes.

The meetings will be held in the 16 th century San Francisco Convent, where there are adequate meeting rooms and ample picturesque patios for poster sessions. The official Conference hotel, the Hotel Quito, is a 15 minute drive north of the historic center, perched upon the edge of the Quito tectonic bench from where there are stunning views of the city, the surrounding volcanic landscape, the InterAndean Valley , and the Eastern Cordillera.

In addition to the scheduled COV4 fieldtrips, there are many travel options outside of Quito —to volcanoes, to the Amazon jungle, to the tropical Pacific coast beaches, to the Galápagos Islands , or just daytrips to colorful Indian communities and markets, for birdwatching or for whitewater rafting.


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